Vote Tune Of The Year 2017!

That wonderful moment is upon us once again. The one we’ve been anticipating since the end of last year and the one we’ve highlighted on our calendars about a dozen times, just to show how much it means to us. For whomever Trance music has a special place in the heart, the election of the ‘Tune Of The Year 2017’ is cause for celebration. But before that moment arrives, we need your help.

Starting today, you can cast your vote on numerous monumental Trance records and choose which track has really won you over. After the voting closes on December 18th, you only have to wait four days until the ‘Tune Of The Year 2017’ is revealed (December 21st). Be sure to check out the custom-made Tune Of The Year playlist on Spotify in the meantime and don’t forget to vote. Good luck!