Website Update

Important New Site Update:

Starting from the beginning of July we will make big updates to the website, there may be problems with the connection due to the various changes we are making. But by the end of July or at the very beginning of August we should have completed everything.

What changes will be made?

Here are some of the improvements we’ve been working on for a long time.

  • New Server: The biggest change will be our web server, 3x faster than now it will allow you to have a better web site speed
  • Audio player is coming back: Removed from 2014 for technical problems, is coming back the bar to listen directly to the episode of a state of trance! You will only be able to hear the last episodes uploaded through the audio bar
  • Multi Server: Our server will be replicated in all countries around the world so loading pages gets greatly improved
  • Many other things


We always work hard to give the best to fans like us of a state of trance

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Update History of A State of Trance Live

Everything starts in 2012 with the first update.

Everything is born immediately after the beginning of the state of trance live we wanted to make the navigation of the episodes as simple as possible, so we had added the dynamic palyer to be able to listen to all the episodes directly from the live site.

Some images of A State of Trance Live in 2013 

Graphic restyling in 2015

In 2015 we brought a complete graphic restyling of the site making it much easier to navigate.
For huge traffic and views we had to abandon the online player by replacing it with a direct secondary player on the episode page