Top 5 Things You certainly do not know of Armin van Buuren

Some curiosities of Armin van Buuren

  1. Armin Van Buuren started playing in the first local clubs doing minimal set of six hours , the idea of music I wanted to carry on could not be bound in a small space of time, needed time to be born and grow to finish, just like a work.
  2. Despite numerous commitments Armin manages to finish school and get a law degree in 2003 at the University of Leiden .
  3. Produces under four aliases / artistic projects : Armin van Buuren , Gaia (along with Benno de Goeij ), Rising Star , Perpetuous Dreamer
  4. In 2011 he received the honor Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau , along with a “companion of musical adventures” such as Tiesto and Clarence Seedorf , an old acquaintance of Italian football.
  5. She told in an interview to take most of his inspiration from music Ambient .


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